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Mary Joan Martelly might ring a bell mostly because she’s married to the famous boxer George Foreman. You know, the guy who dominated the boxing world in the 1970s and stunned everyone in 1994 by reclaiming the heavyweight title at the astounding age of 45. Mary Joan was right there beside him, providing all that silent but strong support behind the curtains.

But there’s more to Mary Joan than just being Foreman’s other half. Despite preferring to fly under the radar for years, her life is quite the tale of triumph over tough times and loads of success. She started out humbly on the sunny island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. From there, she’s dived into humanitarian work, making a real difference in countless lives and leaving her mark on the world.

Personal Profile

NameMary Joan Martelly
Date of BirthMay 17, 1963
Age60 years old
Birth PlaceMon Repos, St. Lucia
Marital StatusMarried
Husband’s NameGeorge Foreman
NationalitySt. Lucia
Father’s NameNot Known
Mother’s NameUnknown
Weight58 kg
Height5.3 feet
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Mary Joan Martelly Age & Family

Mary Joan Martelly Age & Family

Mary Joan Martelly came into the world in the lovely village of Mon Repos on the stunning island of St. Lucia on May 17, 1963. When Mary was forty-four, her dad passed away, leaving her and her siblings in a tough spot financially. With seven girls and two boys in the family, times were really tight. Mary and her siblings pitched in by working in restaurants, clothing factories, and even taking up babysitting gigs to make ends meet. Those early years taught her the importance of sticking it out and putting in the hard work.

Mary Joan Martelly Early Life

Details about Mary Joan Martelly’s early life in St. Lucia are scarce, but what’s evident is her struggle with financial difficulties during her upbringing. She assumed the duty of supporting her family in spite of the difficulties, working hard to make ends meet. She developed resilience and determination as a result of her early events.

Facing limited opportunities in St. Lucia, Mary Joan made the bold choice to seek a better future abroad. Leaving behind familiarity, she embarked on a journey to a foreign land. Starting anew in an unfamiliar place was tough, but her strong work ethic helped her adapt quickly and settle in.

Mary Joan Martelly Biography

Mary Joan Martelly came into this world in the picturesque village of Mon Repos on the stunning Caribbean island of St. Lucia on May 17, 1963. Her life took a challenging turn when her father passed away while she was still young, leaving Mary and her eight siblings in a tough financial spot. With seven sisters and two brothers to support, Mary, alongside her siblings, took up various jobs like working in restaurants, clothing factories, and even babysitting.

Mary loved athletics as a child and hoped to play professionally, but once her father passed away, her circumstances took a different turn. To support her family, she had to give up her goal of being an athlete and enter the workforce. Rumor has it that she was employed in factories and restaurants back home before coming to the US to work as a nanny.

Details about her time in the U.S. remain somewhat elusive until she crossed paths with and began dating George Foreman.

Mary Joan Martelly Career

Mary Joan made the decision to maintain a low profile and support her husband without chasing attention when George Foreman’s boxing career was in the spotlight. But she did learn that her calling was charity, especially with regard to AIDS awareness.

Mary Joan took up the role of spokesman for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation in the 1990s. Together with George, they founded the “Foreman Family AIDS Foundation,” aiming to assist AIDS patients and advocacy groups worldwide. Mary Joan’s efforts were recognized when she received the UNICEF Children’s Champion Award in 1995 for her significant humanitarian work.

Behind the scenes of George’s booming fame, particularly with the success of the George Foreman Grill, Mary Joan played a vital role. While George was in the public eye promoting his ventures, Mary Joan managed the family’s affairs. She handled finances, organized public appearances, and cared for their five children.

Although she preferred to remain out of the spotlight, those close to the Foreman family attest to Mary Joan’s pivotal role in managing their brand, especially the Foreman Grills and George Foreman’s boxing career. Her wise decision-making and discretion were crucial in navigating George’s success as a businessman during his second wave of fame.

Business Endeavors

Business Endeavors

Mary Joan played a pivotal role behind the scenes as George rose to fame as the face of the wildly successful George Foreman Grill. While George’s public image flourished, Mary Joan put forth much effort to keep their family’s life as normal as possible. She kept the family grounded in the middle of George’s burgeoning activities by juggling the obligations of raising their five children, handling household finances, and planning George’s public appearances.

Though she prefers to remain out of the spotlight, Mary Joan makes invaluable contributions that are recognized by those who know the family well. From overseeing the family’s brands like George Foreman Boxing and Foreman Grills to providing steady guidance during George’s commercial successes, Mary Joan played a vital role in navigating the family’s journey through fame and fortune with poise and wisdom.

Is Mary Joan Martelly Married?

George Foreman finally found lasting love in his fifth marriage with Mary Joan Martelly, exchanging vows on March 27, 1985. This came after his fourth marriage to Andrea Skeete ended earlier that same year. Reports suggest that Foreman and Martelly began their relationship while he was still legally married to his previous wife. They waited until after his divorce was finalized to tie the knot, after about a year of dating.

Together, they raised five children: daughters Leola and Natalie, and sons George IV (known as the Ferris Wheel), George V (known as Red), and George VI (known as little Joey). In addition to their kids, Foreman also has seven other children from his previous marriages and two adopted children: George Jr. and George III are his biological sons, while his daughters are Michi, Freeda, and Georgetta. Courtney Isaac Foreman and Isabella Brenda Lilja Foreman are his adoptive children.

Martelly and her family prefer to keep a low profile away from the media’s glare. However, in 2008, they briefly stepped into the public eye with their participation in the reality show “Family Foreman,” which gave viewers a peek into Foreman’s life as both a father and a fighter.

Height, Weight & Many More

Mary Joan Martelly was more than just statistics. At 58 kilograms and standing at 5.3 feet, she had a presence that transcended mere numbers. Her beauty was undeniable, with captivating brown eyes that seemed to hold galaxies within them. But it was her luscious black hair that truly added to her natural charm, cascading around her like a veil of midnight silk. Mary Joan wasn’t just a woman of physical attributes; she exuded a warmth and grace that drew people to her effortlessly.

The Wife’s Role

For Mary Joan Martelly, being a wife has been a cornerstone of her life for more than 35 years. Mary Joan has been a dependable source of love and support for her husband, George Foreman, a two-time world heavyweight champion and former professional boxer. Whether they’ve fought inside or outside the ring, she has always supported him. She has inspired many women with her example of elegance, dignity, and strength as a wife.

Mother’s Role

Mary Joan Martelly, mother to five children, has skillfully juggled her roles as both a wife and a mother, setting an example for many women. Her ability to navigate her responsibilities with grace and dignity has been nothing short of inspiring, demonstrating her steadfast dedication to her family.

Family Misfortune

Family Misfortune

For Mary Joan and the whole Foreman family, 2009 was a heartbreaking year. When their cherished daughter, Leola, lost her fight with cancer at the young age of 31, they experienced an unfathomable sorrow. The entire family was under a cloud of unfathomable anguish.

George and Mary Joan turned to one another for support throughout this terrible loss, taking comfort in their relationship even in the face of suffering. Their marriage was initially strained, but they came out stronger—united in their love and anguish for one another.

Mary Joan’s resilience during this trying time was nothing short of remarkable. She drew strength from her faith, becoming a beacon of hope for her family. Rather than give in to hopelessness, she turned her grief into a driving force by getting involved with cancer research foundations and projects. Her steadfast dedication to supporting those going through comparable struggles served as evidence of her compassion and moral fiber.

Mary Joan was an inspiration to many, including George, who went on to become an ordained minister, because of her grace and selflessness. Her capacity to handle such a severe loss with kindness and grace made a lasting impression on everyone in her wake, demonstrating the strength of love and fortitude in the face of difficulty.

Health Issues

As George explained, Mary Joan has been dealing with her own health problems lately, mainly diabetes and hypertension. She’s taking these obstacles head-on with her signature elegance and tenacity, even though the details aren’t generally known.

George, who has grown older and is renowned for his unwavering physical strength, has grown to have even greater respect for Mary Joan’s fortitude in the face of disease. Despite being a pillar of strength himself, he openly acknowledges leaning on her during tough times. Their shared journey through health struggles has brought them even closer, strengthening their bond as they navigate these challenges together, hand in hand.

Contributions and Philanthropy

Mary Joan Martelly is more to George Foreman than just his wife; she is a co-creator of a family that exemplifies eternal love, a pillar of strength, and a partner in charity.

Mary Joan Martelly is a living example of resilience, courage, and unshakable devotion to her community and family.

Her story gives women of all ages hope by emphasizing the transformational power of love, faith, and tenacity in overcoming adversity and changing the world for the better.

George Foreman was inspired by Mary Joan Martelly, and her efforts and unwavering support have had a significant impact on the lives of her family and the community.

Her legacy serves as a tribute to the enduring power of love and dedication in promoting an equitable and caring society for everyone.

Living a Quiet Life in Houston

Mary and George have made the deliberate decision to live a more sedate life in Houston, away from the glamor of the spotlight. Their choice to keep their private life out of the spotlight and away from the media frenzy demonstrates their dedication to family values and their kids’ welfare. Despite George’s fame, they’ve crafted a haven of normalcy, cultivating an environment where their family can thrive with love and support.

Life in the Present

Enduring Partnership

In 2023, George and Mary Joan celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, a testament to their enduring partnership. While George stays busy with various business ventures, ministry work, and occasional exhibition boxing, Mary Joan prefers to keep a low profile and savor private moments with her family.

Mary Joan’s steady presence continues to be a source of strength for George, providing him with unwavering support through life’s challenges. With her characteristic discretion, she quietly influences George, often being the person he turns to for advice on major career and financial decisions even into his 70s.

Enduring Partnership

After more than three decades together, Mary Joan and George Foreman’s bond remains unbreakable. Through triumphs and tribulations, they stand by each other’s side, presenting a united front in both their public achievements and personal struggles.

Looking Back

Mary Joan is embracing life in her midsixties, and there’s no sign that she’s going to slow down anytime soon. She still supports George’s children from his first marriage as well as her extended relatives. Despite preferring to stay out of the limelight, Mary Joan approaches her role with humility, displaying boundless generosity and compassion.

When asked if she ever wonders about the path she didn’t take had she never met George, Mary Joan remains resolute. She believes she’s always followed her destiny, never merely attaching herself to her famous husband’s name. While she cherishes her life with George, she embarks on her journey with courage and conviction, leaving her homeland to pursue the life she felt destined for in America.


Mary Joan Martelly’s journey embodies quintessential American themes in many ways. As an immigrant fleeing hardships abroad, she arrived with nothing but her unwavering determination and strong character. Through her talents and relentless efforts in building her family, Mary Joan turned her dreams into reality.

While her Wikipedia page may primarily redirect to the extensive legacy of her legendary husband, George, Mary Joan Martelly’s own impact is undeniable. With quiet strength, she lifted her family and community whenever possible. Whether in the public eye or behind the scenes, she devoted herself to philanthropic endeavors. In the end, Mary Joan Foreman lived out the quintessential American Dream that her native St. Lucia had promised her children could only be achieved abroad.

Despite her husband’s fame and the attention he garnered as a boxing champion turned successful entrepreneur, Mary Joan Martelly never sought the limelight. She found fulfillment in a life enriched by family, faith, and personal achievement. While many remember George Foreman as a public figure, to Mary Joan, he’s simply the love of her life, cherished beyond the public eye. For all that George Foreman represents to the world, Mary Joan Martelly embodies that and much more to her beloved husband.


Martelly’s legacy resonates across the globe. Whether it’s her business ventures, her charitable work, or just her everyday actions, Martelly has motivated countless individuals to pursue their aspirations and contribute positively to society. Her influence knows no bounds, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds with a common vision of making a meaningful impact and embracing endless possibilities.

The Pediatric AIDS Campaign

Mary and George’s commitment to changing the world is exemplified by their fervor for stopping pediatric AIDS. They demonstrated their devotion by rolling up their sleeves and performing practical volunteer work. Nor were their efforts unappreciated. In 2007, they were honored together at the ‘A World of Friends Fighting AIDS’ event for their significant contributions to the cause. It’s a powerful example of how public figures can use their influence to enact real change in society.

Net Worth

Net Worth

Despite leading a private and modest lifestyle, details about Mary Joan Martelly’s professional endeavors and financial situation remain largely undisclosed. Regrettably, sources and online platforms haven’t provided enough documentation on her financial situation, which has raised questions about her net worth.

According to some estimations, Mary Joan Martelly’s estimated net worth in 2024 might be about $500,000. But it’s crucial to recognize the ambiguity around this number because we don’t have any hard data on her financial situation.

In contrast, Mary Joan’s husband, the renowned George Foreman, is incredibly wealthy. Beginning in 2021, his net worth was estimated to be an astounding $300 million. Foreman has had great success in the boxing ring, but he has also pursued a variety of commercial ventures and endorsements, all of which have added to his impressive financial success.

It’s Over Now!

Mary Joan Martelly’s life epitomizes resilience and compassion. Despite her modest upbringing, she supported her husband George Foreman like a rock, handling both success and hardship with poise. Numerous lives have been impacted by her commitment to philanthropy, particularly in the battle against AIDS. Despite preferring a private life, her impact resonates far beyond the spotlight. Through triumphs and trials, Mary Joan’s unwavering love and support have inspired many. As she continues her journey, her legacy of resilience and devotion will endure, a testament to the power of love and the human spirit.

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