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Who is Jodean Bottom?

Jodean Bottom finds herself in a unique family dynamic as the half-sibling of Hollywood stars Joaquin Phoenix and the late River Phoenix. Their father had a secretive relationship that ended with him leaving Jodean’s mother, which left her navigating a complex family setup. On top of that, she shares half-sibling ties with Liberty Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Rain Phoenix.

The discovery of Jodean by Joaquin and River Phoenix stirred action, particularly from River, who sought to bridge the gap and reintroduce her to the Phoenix family fold. Despite her preference for staying out of the limelight, Jodean has quietly played a pivotal role in the lives and careers of her famous siblings. To delve deeper into her story, keep reading.

Personal Profile

NameJodean Trust Bottom
Age59 years
Date of Birth29th February 1964
BirthplaceAmadora, Portugal
FatherJohn Lee Bottom
SiblingsJoaquin Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, River Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty Phoenix

Jodean Bottom Biography

Jodean Bottom entered the world on February 29th, 1964, in Amadora, Portugal, where her Christian family served as missionaries. Despite her birthplace, the family eventually resettled in the United States. However, their move led to Jodean losing touch with her father, John Lee Bottom, who headed to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War draft.

Raised by her mother, Trinity, without her father’s presence, Jodean’s life took a significant turn when her half-brother, River Phoenix, discovered her existence. River embraced his role as a supportive brother, shining a light on Jodean and offering her the support she needed.

Jodean Bottom Age

Jodean Bottom was born on February 29, 1964, in Amadora, Portugal. As of 2024, she’s 60 years old and falls under the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Jodean Bottom Career

Jodean Bottom has dipped her toes into various fields, spanning from acting to a range of media endeavors. You’ll often spot her at social gatherings and strutting down the red carpet, but her involvement goes deeper than just being a familiar face. She takes on multiple roles, serving as a producer, host, and narrator for numerous TV shows and documentaries.

But there’s more to Jodean than glitz and glamour. She actively promotes the Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund, focusing her efforts on changing the world outside of the entertainment industry. She is not only a professional but also a shrewd social media user, with a substantial following on several networks.

However, Jodean’s true passion lies in using her platform for philanthropy. She is committed to causes that are important to her, such as animal rights, wildlife protection, and environmental challenges. She frequently speaks out and shares her knowledge at conferences, colleges, and other gatherings that address these important issues.

Jodean Bottom Father

Jodean Bottom’s dad, John Lee Bottom, had a humble beginning. Born on April 5, 1947, in Fontana, California, he didn’t have the means for a fancy education, so he worked as a gardener and carpenter. In 1973, he joined the Children of God cult and rose to prominence within it, eventually becoming the Archbishop.

Here’s where things get a bit tangled. He had a relationship with Trinity, and Jodean was born in 1964. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Trinity after that.

In 1969, John married Arlyn Phoenix, and they became globetrotting missionaries for the Children of God cult, traveling around Mexico, South America, and the USA. When the Vietnam War draft loomed, John opted to head to Canada, leaving Jodean and her mom behind. River Phoenix was born in 1970, Rain Phoenix two years later, Joaquin Phoenix in ’74, Liberty Phoenix two years after that, and finally, their youngest daughter, Summer Phoenix.

Life within the cult had its challenges, especially for River, who faced some dark experiences there. In 1977, the family left the cult, stowing away on a freighter and landing in Englewood, Florida, where they stayed with Arlyn’s parents.

After leaving the cult, they changed their surname from Bottom to Phoenix for a fresh start, which is why Jodean has a different last name than her step-siblings.

The family endured more trials and tribulations – John and Arlyn separated in ’97 after 27 years together. In 2001, Arlyn wedded Jeffrey Weisberg. Regretfully, John Lee Bottom, then 68 years old, died of cancer in 2005. It is a true crazy trip on a roller coaster, life.

Jodean Bottom Family

Jodean joined the Phoenix clan when her half-brother, River Phoenix, discovered her existence. She was in a relationship and had a daughter, though her partner’s involvement in their lives was minimal. Now, let’s explore the backgrounds of the other members of her family, expanding on the information already shared about her father.

Arlyn Phoenix

Arlyn Phoenix, also known as Heart Phoenix, was born on December 31, 1944, in the Bronx, New York, to Margaret and Meyer Dunetz. She grew up with her two sisters, Rhoda and Merle.

In 1968, Arlyn left New York for California, where she married John Lee Bottom. Throughout her life, Arlyn has pursued various careers, working as an executive secretary at N.B.C. and later becoming the Executive Director at The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery.

In memory of her eldest son, River Phoenix, Arlyn and her second husband, Jeffery, established the River Phoenix Centre for Peacebuilding. This center embodies their dedication to fostering peace and positive change, inspired by River’s legacy.

River Phoenix

John’s firstborn child, River Phoenix, was born on August 23, 1970; she would have turned 52 in 2022. He started his career in entertainment at the young age of eleven, and the film Support Me gave him his big break. River made a lasting impression with his exceptional appearances in highly praised movies like Indiana Jones and Running on Empty.

Apart from his acting prowess, River was also a highly regarded musician. He started a band called Aleka’s Attic, where he performed his songs. Regretfully, River died on October 31, 1993, and her legacy lives on in the performing arts and music professions.

Rain Phoenix

Rain Phoenix, Jodean’s half-sister, was born in Texas on November 21, 1972. In addition to her acting profession, she is also well-known for her musical ability. At the age of fifteen, Rain began her musical career. She later joined her elder brother River in founding the band Aleka’s Attic.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix, born on October 28, 1974, shines as the most acclaimed member of the Phoenix family, thanks to his incredible achievements in the film world. His unforgettable portrayal in The Master earned him the Best Actor accolade at the Venice International Film Festival, and he’s revered for his unforgettable role in the blockbuster hit Joker.

Liberty Phoenix

Liberty Phoenix, born on July 5, 1976, holds the fourth spot among the Phoenix siblings, born to John Lee Phoenix and Arlyn Phoenix. Alongside her endeavors in acting and singing, she plays a crucial role in overseeing the River Phoenix Centre for Peacebuilding. This charitable foundation, founded by her mother in memory of River Phoenix, underscores the family’s dedication to fostering peace and creating positive change globally.

Summer Phoenix

The youngest and liveliest of the Phoenix family, Summer Phoenix was born on December 10, 1978. Allow me to present her to you. She is not just the youngest of the group; in addition, she has established herself in a number of movies and received well-earned praise for it. Adding a sweet touch to her story is her role as a spouse to Casey Affleck, with whom she’s building a beautiful family and experiencing the joys of raising two kids. If you’re a film enthusiast, you might catch her in captivating roles, such as in Roost and Mary Pickford: Love Wild.

Jodean Bottom Relationship

Jodean Bottom has kept her love life under wraps, with no juicy details about a current boyfriend or husband emerging. She hasn’t officially disclosed her relationship status yet.

Fans have been eager to learn about her romantic adventures since she first stepped into the public eye. It’s unclear whether Jodean is happily committed but keeping it private or if she’s flying solo, putting all her focus into her career.

Despite being a media figure, Jodean maintains a low profile on social media, effectively concealing details about her personal life, especially her romantic involvements.

Jodean Bottom Height, Weight & More

Jodean Bottom stands at around 5 feet 5 inches tall, boasting a slim physique weighing around 60 kg. Imagine captivating dark brown eyes paired with luxurious black hair, her signature style.

Let’s dive into her measurements—she flaunts that coveted 36-28-36 ratio for her bust, waist, and hips. With an oval face shape and a comfortable size 8 (US) shoe, she exudes her own unique charm.

As for her hair, she adores that chic medium length, often styled in breezy beach waves. Maintaining her skin’s radiance is a priority, and she swears by natural products for that healthy glow. And guess what? Jodean stays active by enjoying long runs or bike rides to keep herself fit and fabulous.

Did River And Joaquin Have The Same Parents?

John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix are River and Joaquin’s parents. Their brotherly bond was deep and enduring, lasting until River’s tragic passing.

Why Did Joaquin Phoenix Change His Name?

As a child, Joaquin decided to adopt the name Leaf, inspired by his older siblings, River and Rain, who had nature-themed names. He admired them and wanted to follow suit.

The long-lost sister of the famed Phoenix family, all accomplished in the entertainment industry, is none other than Jodean Bottom. Reuniting with her brought immense joy to the family after years of separation, as they share the same father.

Why Is The Last Name Of The Jodean Bottom Family Different?

The Phoenix family has a truly remarkable backstory, especially considering their current fame. Their journey began when they became involved with the Children of God cult, relocating to Crockett, Texas, where John even rose to the position of Archbishop within the group.

As the cult’s practices became increasingly concerning, the family knew it was time to break free. Their escape reads like something out of a movie—they were smuggled into the United States on a freighter filled with trolleys, ultimately landing in Englewood, Florida, where they found sanctuary with Arlyn’s parents.

After leaving the cult behind, the family sought a fresh start, symbolized by their change in surname from Bottom to Phoenix. Settling in California, their fortunes changed when a talent agent discovered the four Phoenix siblings, marking the beginning of their remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

Jodean Bottom Tattoo

Jodean Bottom sports a vibrant tattoo on her left arm. It depicts a mythical bird with a slender beak and wings extending from the shoulder. Encircling the bird is a circular shape representing the world, symbolizing Jodean’s deep affinity for all things magical.

Jodean Bottom Favorite Things

MusicClassic rock, enjoys Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd
MoviesForrest Gump, Clerks
BooksEnjoys works by Hunter S. Thompson, J.D. Salinger
ActivitiesOutdoor activities (hiking, camping), passionate about yoga
CuisinePrefers Mexican food, especially tacos and burritos
DrinkFavorites include tea and coffee
ColorFavorite color is blue
Clothingwears basic, cozy clothing, such as T-shirts and trousers.

Jodean Bottom Hobbies

Outdoor Activitiesadores going to new cities and nations, is enthusiastic about learning about and finding new cultures, people, and enterprises, and loves to explore new areas
SportsPlays basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and is a frequent fitness fan
ReadingAvid reader of books by favorite authors
CookingEnjoys cooking and trying out new recipes
EntertainmentEnjoys listening to music, singing favorite songs, watching movies, and TV shows
PhotographyPassionate about photography, loves capturing landscapes, animals, and people

Jodean Bottom Net Worth

Jodean earns her livelihood primarily through her career as a media personality and public figure, boasting an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her success stems from her roles in numerous TV series, films, and documentaries.

Beyond her work in the entertainment industry, Jodean is a savvy business owner, expanding her income streams. Additionally, her dedication to charitable endeavors has not only garnered recognition but has also bolstered her financial status.

Over the years, these diverse sources of income have enabled Jodean to amass a significant amount of wealth. It’s worth mentioning that her net worth also includes the estate of her late brother, River Phoenix.

What Happened to Jodean Bottom?

Joaquin Phoenix’s sister faced abandonment from her father at a young age, leaving her to grow up without his presence. It wasn’t until later in life that River Phoenix found her and made it his mission to reunite her with the family.

The Phoenix clan embraced her wholeheartedly. Jodean arrived with her child, although their identity remains undisclosed. Whether Jodean is married is uncertain, as the Phoenix family respects her privacy and maintains her low-profile lifestyle.

At Last

In summary, Jodean Bottom’s journey is one of resilience and discovery within the spotlight of her famous siblings. Despite family complexities and personal challenges, she’s carved her path, contributing to entertainment and philanthropy. Her story inspires perseverance and authenticity, showing that our past doesn’t define us. Jodean’s grace and determination continue to inspire, reminding us of the power of connection and making a positive impact.

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