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Sherry Aon has become well-known in the entertainment industry, mostly due to her solid marriage to well-known TV personality Rick Gonzalez.Sherry, who was born in 1979 and is 44 years old now, is crucial to Rick’s advancement in his career. Born in 1976, Rick is well-known from his numerous TV series roles.

Sherry’s presence at broadcast events and award ceremonies is likely something you’ve seen, and it has helped make her well-known in the business. Even though she doesn’t intentionally seek attention, her relationship with Rick makes her stand out.

Their collaboration shows the value of love and support in enduring the highs and lows of celebrity and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment industry. By means of their public appearances and

Who is Sherry Aon?

Who is Sherry Aon?

Sherry Aon’s foundations follow back to the dynamic societies of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, however she was brought into the world in the clamoring roads of New York City in 1979. From early on, she held onto a profound love for human expression, an energy that bloomed during her time at Manhattan’s Secondary School of the Performing Expressions. Graduating as an image of affection and immovable help as opposed to a quest for notoriety, Sherry’s early stages established the groundwork for her novel process.

Sherry Aon Bio 

The entertainer Rick Gonzalez might be natural to you. Okay, let me acquaint you with Sherry Aon, his astonishing accomplice. She’s his committed spouse, however a phenomenal mother too. Sherry is a local of New York, and her family has connections to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. She was brought into the world in 1979 and went to Manhattan’s Secondary School of the Performing Expressions since she has forever been attracted to human expression. Astonishingly, she has additionally worked with significant brands including Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. Truly great, right?

Allow me to give you the scoop on how Sherry and Rick’s ways met. Envision this: it’s 2009, and destiny does something amazing, bringing them into one another’s lives. Quick forward to 2011, and they’re trading promises, fixing their adoration in marriage. Furthermore, in 2014, their family develops with the appearance of their valuable beloved newborn, adding the ideal final detail to their excursion together.

However, what genuinely separates Sherry is that she’s not exclusively centered around everyday life. No, she’s profoundly dedicated to having an effect. Through her voice, she brings issues to light about critical worldwide occasions. That degree of enthusiasm is genuinely splendid, wouldn’t you say?

Sherry Aon Education

Sherry Aon’s innate love of learning and her innate talent for business influenced her path to success. She had a sharp mind and a talent for taking on obstacles head-on even as a little girl, qualities that would eventually define her leadership style.

Sherry consciously chose to continue her studies after earning her bachelor’s degree by enrolling in a prominent MBA program. She developed her financial sense and strategic thinking at this time, giving herself the tools necessary to successfully negotiate the intricacies of the commercial world.

For Sherry, learning was about constantly improving her skills and abilities, not simply about getting degrees.

Sherry Aon Family 

A slice of heaven has been found by Sherry Aon, her husband Rick Gonzalez, and their adorable 9-year-old daughter Skylar, amid the tranquil splendor of Hidden Hills, California. It’s a sanctuary where they make priceless family memories amidst gorgeous scenery, not just a place to call home.

The family recently collaborated on a unique project: a film that promoted Calvin Klein’s fragrance, Eternity For Men. But it was more than just a fragrance endorsement—it offered a window into their personal lives and demonstrated how well their personal and professional lives mesh.

Their Hidden Hills home is more than simply a house; it’s a haven that provides them with the seclusion and calm they value most. Within its confines, they craft narratives that bolster their

Sherry Aon Career

Sherry Aon Career

Let’s discuss Sherry Aon and her adventure with her husband, Rick Gonzalez, who is incredibly skilled. As Rick’s career soars in the entertainment industry, Sherry is forging her own route and learning things along the way.

Since 1997, Rick has captivated viewers and won them over with his roles in movies and TV shows. “Thicker than Blood”—do you recall? That changed everything for him, giving him the credit he earned and creating opportunities for even larger roles.

Rick has made a lasting impression on prominent TV shows, such as “Boston Public” and “The Shield,” where he has demonstrated his acting prowess and won over many admirers. Not to mention his brief cameos in music videos, which demonstrate his charm and adaptability.

Currently, despite Rick’s talent-hogging attention.

Sherry Aon Personal life 

Now let’s explore Sherry Aon’s family, the center of her amazing existence. Her relationship with Rick Gonzalez, which started when they were still in school and has only gotten better over time, is nothing less than a modern-day love tale.

Imagine this: In 2011, Sherry and Rick made the brave decision to be married, which elevated their relationship to new heights. However, the true magic began in 2013 when they welcomed their little happiness, Skylar Gonzalez, into their life. They create a happy family unit that brings joy and happiness to everyone they meet.

These days, Sherry keeps her family life outside of Rick and Skylar a little more discreet. She has revealed some details about Tony Cass, her father, who she loves very much.

Sherry Aon Has One Child

After Sherry Aon and Rick Gonzalez’s love story bloomed, on July 26, 2013, their daughter Skylar Gonzalez was born, marking the beginning of a lovely adventure. Skylar is the source of constant happiness and laughter in their family, even at the youthful age of 10.

Sherry, Rick, and Skylar, as a family of three, are completely content in each other’s company. They have fully embraced the blessings of motherhood and have shown no inclination to grow their family. Their trio is all they need to feel whole, and their relationship is perfect.

The foundation of Sherry, Rick, and Skylar’s happiness is their shared love. Rick has publicly said that his daughter and wife are the most important things in his life.

Sherry Aon Height, Weight & More

Sherry Aon Height, Weight & More

We discover a side of Sherry Aon that goes beyond the surface as we learn more about her life—an unrelenting commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to respect people’s privacy and not assume anything about them based only on their looks, but Sherry obviously values her health a lot.

Sherry believes that being physically well is about feeling good from the inside out. She cannot compromise on a balanced diet and frequent exercise as part of her regimen. She frequently works herself into a sweat in her gym courses or on runs to maintain her toned, young body.

But for Shirley, it goes beyond simply working out; she knows how important it is to provide her body the appropriate kind of nourishment.

Sherry Aon Political Positions

Sherry Aon isn’t really fond of politics. She has chosen to remain outside of politics consciously in an unpredictable and turbulent environment. She is just not as interested in the nuances of politics as she is in other things.

Sherry is not the kind to jump into heated political arguments or conversations. She just wants to devote her time and attention to other things that have a deeper emotional connection for her. It’s not that she’s indifferent. Furthermore, what do you know? That’s acceptable.

Sherry’s choice to maintain her distance from politics at an era when it might feel overwhelming is evidence of her dedication to maintaining her own mental health. Thus, despite the turbulent political environment, Sherry is happy to allow others.

Sherry Aon Net worth 

Now, let’s speak about money. When it comes to money concerns, Sherry Aon may remain low key, but her spouse Rick Gonzalez has made quite the impression in the entertainment business. Rick has been making a lot of waves, and his estimated net worth is $1 million.

Rick has had an incredible career in show business, landing roles in hit TV shows and making waves in movies. Because, let’s be honest, when you have talent like Rick’s, people are willing to pay top dollar to work with you.

The issue with net worth, however, is that it takes into account both your ability to make prudent financial decisions and investments as well as your income. 

Sherry Aon’s Body Dimensions

Without a doubt, it’s important to respect other people and their privacy. It’s crucial to avoid assuming anything about someone’s looks without their permission and to avoid drawing hasty conclusions from scant details or pictures.

Instead, let’s concentrate on Sherry Aon and how she takes care of her own physical well-being. Maybe she likes going to the gym frequently, doing yoga, or taking long walks. Taking good care of her nutrition and selecting healthy meals that enhance her general wellbeing may also be necessary to maintain her physical health.

We may honor Sherry’s commitment to self-care and recognize her as an individual by honoring her autonomy and concentrating on her personal decisions around health and wellbeing.

Sherry Aon Public Perception and Media

Sherry Aon Public Perception and Media

In a society when genuine character is sometimes eclipsed by celebrity, Sherry Aon radiates grace and genuineness. Those who know her well realize that she is much more than just her husband’s popularity, despite the media’s portrayal of her as such. She is a strong, resilient, and morally-reliable lady.

Sherry Aon’s Influence

The influence of Sherry Aon goes well beyond Hollywood’s gloss and glamor. She is an inspiration to many people in her neighborhood and beyond, in addition to being a loving wife and mother.

Sherry is notable for her extraordinary capacity to strike a balance between her particular hobbies and the obligations of coming from a prominent family.

 She sets a great example for people to follow by being grounded and true to herself in the face of the demands of celebrity life.

Sherry prioritizes spending quality time with her kid and establishing ideals of love and compassion via hands-on parenting. Her commitment to worthwhile causes, such as helping impoverished kids or fighting for social justice, shows her strong sense of empathy and


  • Sherry Aon was born in 1979 in New York City, USA.
  • She attended Manhattan’s Secondary School of the Performing Arts, showcasing her early passion for human expression.
  • Sherry has worked with renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein as a model.
  • She married TV personality Rick Gonzalez in 2011, and they have a daughter named Skylar, born in 2013.
  • Despite her husband’s fame, Sherry maintains a low-key public presence, focusing on her family and personal interests.
  • Sherry is deeply committed to her family’s well-being and actively engages in charity work and community service.
  • She values privacy and is selective about her engagement with the media and public events.


Sherry Aon, born in 1979 in New York City, has made her mark in the entertainment industry through her marriage to TV personality Rick Gonzalez. Despite her husband’s fame, Sherry maintains a modest public profile, prioritizing her family and personal interests. She has a background in modeling and has worked with prestigious brands like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Sherry and Rick have a daughter named Skylar, born in 2013, and they reside in Hidden Hills, California. Sherry is known for her dedication to her family’s well-being and her involvement in charity work and community service.

FAQs :

What is Sherry Aon’s background?

  1. Sherry Aon was born in 1979 in New York City and attended Manhattan’s Secondary School of the Performing Arts. She has roots in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

How did Sherry meet Rick Gonzalez?

  1. Sherry met Rick Gonzalez in 2009, and they got married in 2011. They have a daughter named Skylar, born in 2013.

What is Sherry Aon’s career?

  1. Sherry has worked as a model for brands like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. She is also actively involved in charity work and community service.

What is Sherry Aon’s net worth?

  1. While Sherry’s net worth is not disclosed, her husband Rick Gonzalez has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

What is Sherry Aon’s stance on politics?

  1. Sherry chooses to remain apolitical and focuses on other aspects of her life, such as family and personal interests.

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