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Rod Wave’s rise to fame is a story of effort and tenacity. Experiencing childhood in the cruel areas of St. Petersburg, Florida, he had a few difficulties. During his immaturity, he confronted destitution and familial difficulties, including his dad’s detainment Rod was mostly reared by his mother and faced numerous hardships as a result of financial distress. Also Rod Wave Height is 5’6″.

Despite the turmoil, Rod sought refuge in music. From a young age, he took sanctuary in music composition and production, pouring his heart and mind into both. His inherent talent for writing songs shone through, giving him a glimpse of hope in the middle of misery.

Despite attending Lakewood High School, Rod Wave’s academic performance dropped as a consequence of home issues. Unable to focus on his studies.

Who is Rod Wave?

Who is Rod Wave?

With an impressive 7 million followers, Rod Wave has a large Instagram following. But more important than the stats is the bond he has established with his followers. Rod Wave has developed a genuine relationship with his fans by being involved and delivering stuff that is specifically him. He uses social media to take his followers on a trip and make them feel like they’re a part of it, whether he’s sharing updates on his most recent ventures or just sharing a glance into his everyday life.

Rod Wave Height 

Despite not being the tallest person in the room at 5’6″, Rod Wave still stands out thanks to his talent and presence. His enthusiasm for music and his ability to connect with audiences are what really set him apart, not his size. Rod Wave shows that success can happen to anybody, regardless of height, in a field where ability and charm are more important than physical size.

Rod Wave Personal profile

Full NameRodarius Marcell Green
NicknameRod Wave
Date of BirthAugust 27, 1999
Age25 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Place of BirthSt. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Current ResidenceTampa, Florida, United States
Height (feet)5’6″
Height (centimeters)168
Weight (pounds)216
Weight (kilograms)98
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
FatherRodney Fatz Green
Relationship StatusDating
PartnerKelsey Dee Coleman
SchoolLakewood High School
ProfessionRapper, singer, songwriter

Rod Wave Bio 

Rod Wave’s rise to prominence is anything but typical. Born into the rough streets of St. Petersburg, Florida, he had a flair for seeing past his neighborhood’s rugged exterior and keeping out of trouble. Growing up in a strongly religious family, Christianity served as an anchor in his life, leading him through both highs and lows.

Rod Wave saw music as more than a pastime; it was an extension of his spirit.

 He began creating beats and lyrics at the age of 13, pouring his experiences into strong tunes. Rod, however, chose a different approach than many musicians who enter the profession right away.

Instead of pursuing record labels, he forged his own way on social media. Yes, you heard that correctly, Rod.

Rod Wave Age

Rod Wave Age

Rod Wave is at a turning point in his life and profession at the age of 25. At this age, he’s going through a period of development and change, and he’s probably learning important lessons and experiences that will influence his future. He’s a young adult following his musical hobbies and facing the challenges of maturity. In order to forge a distinctive career path in the field, he could be testing out novel concepts, pushing the envelope, and taking chances at this point. Rod Wave has the youthful energy and desire to pursue his goals with zeal and dedication, laying the groundwork for what seems to be an exciting path ahead.

Rod Wave Education and Career

Rod Wave’s entry into the music industry didn’t happen in the usual way. Rather than making the direct trip to the recording studio, he received encouragement from a colleague who saw his potential. Rod gave his everything to every song, using his personal experiences as a springboard to produce genuinely genuine and accessible music.

Rod’s skill rapidly attracted the attention of the villagers, despite his modest beginnings, and he began his journey towards celebrity. His music stood out in a crowded market because of his strong emotional connection to his listeners.

Rod’s first live performance experience was on a school night in a strip bar, which was an unexpected venue. He was promising even then, netting a nice $500. 

Rod Wave’s Viral Music Streams Have Made Him a Millionaire

Pole Wave’s ascent to progress shows the capacity of stages like TikTok to impel performers into the spotlight. His famous single “Heart On Ice” scores on the application, moving him to the imminent Announcement Hot 100 outline. He is by and by and selected for the Top New Craftsman class at the 2021 Board Music Grants. Pole Wave’s prosperity doesn’t stop there.

Pole Wave’s most recent collection, “SoulFly,” has assisted him with holding his mastery in the music business. Outperforming Justin Bieber’s “Equity” on the Apple Music Pre-Add Diagram, his collection has solidified his status as one of music’s top craftsmen at this moment. His new NPR “Little Work area” appearance stressed his ability and developing notoriety.

Rod Wave Relationship

Rod Wave Relationship

In the summer of 2017, Rod Wave and his spouse, Kelsey Wave, were bestowed with twin girls, which brought them twice as much happiness. Even though Rod has spoken candidly about his fiancée and their adorable kids on The Breakfast Club radio show, he generally keeps their relationship and family life quiet. Rod cherishes the closeness of his family life and would rather keep them hidden from the public despite his notoriety. He discussed the significant influence his twins have had on him and how being a dad of twins has altered his life during the radio discussion.

Rod Wave Family 

He has a particular place in his heart for his family, who frequently inspire his songs. His upbringing was impacted by a hole left by his father’s six-year imprisonment for robbery, which was a difficult chapter in his early life. But despite the difficulties, love entered his life. Media sources state that he’s found happiness with his girlfriend Kelsey H.; the two of them are proud parents to twin children, which adds a happy and loving chapter to his narrative.

What is Rod Wave’s Zodiac Sign

Virgo, Rod Wave’s zodiac sign, provides an intriguing glimpse into his character and musical philosophy. Being a Virgo means he brings a certain combination of attributes to the stage and studio in this dazzling world of fame and melody.

Envision Rod painstakingly constructing his words, carefully considering every syllable to make sure it resonates precisely. It’s likely that his analytical disposition stimulates his creative process, encouraging him to go farther and convey his ideas with accuracy and clarity.

You can always count on Rod Wave to give it his all when he’s in the zone, utilizing his work ethic and practicality to polish his records and performances. What makes him unique is his unwavering commitment to greatness, as he never settles for anything less.

Rod Wave Nationality and Ethnicity

Rod Wave is a proud American in addition to being a rapper, and his music shows that. His songs exhibit the rich fabric of American culture by fusing many traditions. What’s really incredible, you know? His music communicates to people all throughout the world, demonstrating that great music touches people’s hearts regardless of their background.

Rod Wave reminds us that music has the ability to bring people together, regardless of our origin or culture, with his poignant words and passionate melodies.

Rod Wave Personal life

Rod Wave Personal life

Wave’s route to success was not simple. Growing up, he endured some difficult moments when his parents divorced and his father ended himself in prison. Money was limited, and Wave felt compelled to fend for himself. So he went to the streets to make ends meet, getting into all kinds of trouble along the way, from drug selling to robbery and even carrying guns.

But just as things looked hopeless, Wave’s father stepped in. He recognized his son’s potential and understood he needed to take action to change his life. So he urged Wave to follow his passion for music, believing it may lead to a brighter future.

Rod Wave Net worth 

As per current reports, Pole Wave’s financial balance appears to be looking great, with total assets gauges running between $4 million and $9 million starting around 2024. Frankly, that is an enormous amount of cash for somebody in their initial vocation.

All in all, where does this cash come from??

Well, it is a combination of variables. Of course, there are music sales and streaming royalties, which are important parts of every musician’s income. Then there’s touring, where Rod Wave is renowned to sell out arenas and provide amazing performances.

Rod Wave Social Media

With an impressive 7 million followers, Rod Wave has a large Instagram following. But more important than the stats is the bond he has established with his followers. Rod Wave has developed a genuine relationship with his fans by being involved and delivering stuff that is specifically him. He uses social media to take his followers on a trip and make them feel like they’re a part of it, whether he’s sharing updates on his most recent ventures or just sharing a glance into his everyday life.

Favorite stuff of Rod Wave

Favorite stuff of Rod Wave

This musician knows how to enjoy life to the fullest and his two favorite things in life are traveling and listening to great music. Whether he’s relaxing at home or on trips to distant locations, there’s always fantastic music playing in the background.

He prefers the best that Hollywood has to offer on the big screen. Leonardo DiCaprio’s talent and Will Smith’s magnetism never fail to astound him, while Scarlett Johansson’s captivating performances never stop to astound him.

It’s hardly surprising that he has a favorite artist of his own, given his own singing talent. Miley Cyrus is a high choice in his book because of her powerful voice and contagious charisma.

Rod Wave Health Issues

People all across the world now appreciate Rod Wave for being open about his struggles with mental health. Significant conversations on emotional well-being in hip-jump culture and past have been started by his receptiveness about his fights with misery and tension. His receptiveness to examining these subjects in interviews and on his melodies is characteristic of the development to de-vilify emotional well-being issues.

Like many celebrities, Rod Wave has been the target of criticism and legal disputes; nonetheless, he has the right to keep some anonymity regarding these issues. Even though fans might be interested in the specifics, it’s critical to respect his limits and give him the space and time to resolve his difficulties on his own terms.

Public people like Rod Wave frequently come under harsh scrutiny in today’s media environment.


  • Rod Wave, born Rodarius Marcell Green on August 27, 1999, in St. Petersburg, Florida, is an American rapper and singer.
  • He rose to prominence through his unique approach to music, forging his own path on social media instead of pursuing traditional record labels.
  • Rod’s emotional and authentic lyrics resonate deeply with listeners, contributing to his widespread popularity.
  • Rod Wave Height is 5’6″, Rod’s talent and presence make him stand out in the music industry.
  • Rod is in a relationship with Kelsey Dee Coleman, with whom he shares twin daughters named Kash and Mocha.
  • His net worth is estimated to be between $4 million and $9 million, primarily from music sales, streaming royalties, and touring.
  • Rod’s zodiac sign is Virgo, reflecting his meticulous and analytical approach to his craft.
  • He is known for his love of traveling, listening to music, and admiring actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith.
  • Rod has been vocal about his struggles with mental health, sparking important conversations within the hip-hop community and beyond.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q: Who is Rod Wave’s girlfriend?

A: Rod Wave is in a relationship with Kelsey Dee Coleman.

Q: What is Rod Wave’s net worth?

A: Rod Wave’s net worth is estimated to be between $4 million and $9 million.

Q: What is Rod Wave height?

A: Rod Wave is 5’6″ tall.

Q: What is Rod Wave’s zodiac sign?

A: Rod Wave’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

Q: What are Rod Wave’s favorite activities?

A: Rod Wave enjoys traveling, listening to music, and watching films starring actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith.


Rod Wave’s journey from a challenging upbringing in St. Petersburg, Florida, to becoming a renowned rapper and singer is a testament to his resilience and talent. Despite facing hardships, Rod found solace in music, which ultimately propelled him to fame. With an impressive social media following and chart-topping singles, Rod has solidified his status as one of music’s brightest stars. His openness about mental health struggles and dedication to his craft have endeared him to fans worldwide. However, the article does not mention anything related to Letitia Wright or her husband.

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