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Barbara Roufs, a legendary drag racing icon hailing from the United States, met a tragic fate in January 1991. But her story reaches far beyond the racetrack, inspiring countless in the competitive world.

Born in 1944 in sunny Southern California, Barbara was the epitome of American drag racing, her roots deeply intertwined with the region she called home.

Barbara brought an unmatched level of energy and excitement to the drag racing scene because of her reputation for skill on the track and her appealing appearance. She made a lasting impression on the sport by capturing spectators with her audacious achievements.

Barbara Roufs, who passed away at the age of 47, left behind a lasting legacy. This glimpse into her remarkable life seeks to shed light on her contributions, her marriage, and her remarkable achievements. Dive deeper into the pivotal moments of Barbara’s journey and the events leading to her untimely demise in the subsequent sections.

Who is Barbara Roufs?

Who is Barbara Roufs?

Barbara Roufs, the beloved racing sensation of the 1970s, captured the hearts of fans and held a special place in their memories. Beyond her impressive skills on the track at just 29, she was also a devoted mother to two children.

Her presence as a trophy girl in Southern California’s drag racing scene not only showcased her beauty but also resonated deeply with many. Countless snapshots capturing her magnetic moments at the races can still be found online.

Born in 1944, Barbara’s roots ran deep in California, where she likely spent her childhood and teenage years. Her sudden passing at 47 marked the end of an era in drag racing.

Barbara Roufs’s early years unfolded against the vibrant backdrop of Southern California. Born in 1944, she was surrounded by a diverse and loving family. Her father, Wayne Eldon Riley, and mother, Thelma Ruby Riles, along with her biological siblings James Riles, Bruce Riley, and Vivian Deaton, added layers of richness to her upbringing.

In a unique twist, Barbara also had an adopted brother named Ben Gube. With such a varied family dynamic, it seemed as though Barbara was destined for greatness.

Thelma Ruby Riles, Barbara’s mother, found love with Wayne Eldon Riley in 1942, and their union lasted five decades. Apart from her role as a wife, Thelma spent fifty years running a beauty salon in Clovis, where she showcased her artistic talent by intricately decorating church organs. This diverse and colorful family background set the stage for Barbara’s extraordinary journey through life.

Profile Summary

Full nameBarbara Roufs
Date of birth1944
Age47 years (as of 1991)
Death date1991
Place of birthCalifornia, United States
Sexual orientationStraight
Height5 feet 5 inches
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
ProfessionDrag race trophy girl
DaughterJet Dougherty
SiblingsVivian Deaton, James, Bruce, and Ben Gube
ParentsWayne Eldon and Thelma Ruby Riley

Barbara Roufs Age

Barbara was born in 1944 in California, USA. She tragically died at the age of 47.

Barbara Roufs Early Life

Even after Barbara’s passing, her legacy lives on through her cherished daughter. Barbara’s father wasn’t just any dad—he was a passionate motorcycle racer who found solace in fishing and even owned a houseboat. A noteworthy achievement for her parents was being the first couple ever inducted into the Clovis Hall of Fame.

Growing up in the vibrant ambiance of California, Barbara’s passion for drag racing blossomed. Transitioning from a driver to a trophy girl marked a significant shift in her career path.

Barbara’s infectious smile and boundless energy became her trademark, captivating audiences and leaving an enduring impact. Her story transcends mere involvement in motorsports; it unfolds as a narrative of family triumphs, diverse interests, and a dynamic legacy that continues to inspire.


During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Barbara soared to prominence, clinching numerous drag racing championships and earning the prestigious title of the sixth-annual queen of the U.S. Professional Dragster Championship.

Her ascent to drag racing royalty reached its peak in 1973 when she was crowned the queen of the Professional Dragster Association (PDA). This period marked a significant shift in women’s fashion, with trends embracing shorts, long hair, and shorter outfits while bras seemed to fall out of favor.

Despite her seasoned status as a drag racing trophy girl, Barbara Roufs remained a beloved favorite among participants, spectators, and businesses endorsing various products, defying age with her timeless appeal. It wasn’t just her looks; it was her commanding presence that left a lasting impression.

Beyond her visual contributions, Barbara played a crucial role in shaping drag racing competitions during the 1970s. By presenting awards to the winners, she became a prominent figure within the Professional Dragster Association (PDA), contributing significantly to the sport’s growth and leaving an indelible mark on its history.

Cause of death

Cause of death

In 2016, photographer Tom West shared a captivating series of vintage photos featuring Barbara in her role as a trophy girl. Among those moved by the collection was Jet, Barbara’s daughter, who left a heartfelt tribute in the comments section, shedding light on her mother’s enduring fame and the admiration she garnered.

Jet admitted feeling surprised to stumble upon her mother’s photos online but believed Barbara would have been proud to see them shared. These candid photos provide a window into a life well lived by capturing treasured memories and happy times. Jet did, however, also share the devastating news of her mother’s death in January 1991, revealing that Barbara had committed suicide. Even when this information came to light, the precise motivations for Barbara’s terrible choice were still unknown. Barbara was 47 years old and lived with her family in Fresno, California, at the time of her death.

As Barbara’s story unfolds through these internet photos, it adds depth to her narrative, underscoring the importance of honoring her legacy. Recognizing her life beyond the racetrack provides a more nuanced understanding of Barbara’s journey and the profound impact she had on those who admired her.

Does Barbara Belong to a Family?

Barbara was married and had a daughter named Jet Dougherty when she was 29. However, details about Roufs’ husband remain elusive.

In 2016, the public was taken aback when the renowned photographer Tom West shared vintage photos of Barbara Roufs’ daughter.

Jet Dougherty, Barbara’s daughter, took to Facebook to reminisce about her mother. Despite Barbara’s tragically short life, Jet emphasized its richness and excitement. She looked forward to discovering more about her mother’s life through her online presence.

Furthermore, Roufs’ granddaughter, Crystal Dougherty, expressed delight upon seeing the photos. She recognized similarities in their physical features and exuded confidence.

Children and Grandchildren

The story of Barbara Roufs came to light in 2016 when the acclaimed photographer Tom West shared vintage photographs of her. This revelation prompted Barbara’s daughter, Jet Dougherty (as identified on her Facebook page), to share heartfelt memories of her mother, surprising many.

Jet fondly recalled her mother’s vibrant and adventurous life, tragically cut short. She believed Barbara would have been pleased to be recognized online, a dream she had cherished. This sentiment struck a chord with Barbara’s granddaughter, Crystal Dougherty, who not only expressed joy at discovering her grandmother’s images online but also conveyed a deep sense of pride and admiration for her beauty. The unfolding of Barbara’s story through online platforms adds another layer to her legacy, underscoring the profound impact she had on those closest to her.

Barbara Roufs Net North

In the 1970s, Barbara took on the role of a drag race trophy girl and model. While the exact details of compensation for trophy girls during that time are not well-documented, Barbara managed to earn additional income alongside a fixed salary.

Today, several online retailers feature a collection of Barbara Roufs’ renowned works from the 1970s. According to available information, her estimated net worth is around $1.5 million.

Professional Achievements

Professional Achievements

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Roufs left a lasting mark as a prominent drag racing trophy girl, culminating in a significant moment at the United States Professional Dragster Championship held at the Orange County International Raceway. Her impact went beyond the racetrack, making her a sought-after figure for companies looking to connect with drag racing fans. Roufs’ image appeared in advertisements and on merchandise, playing a crucial role in shaping the unique identity of the sport.

Alongside Selena Gomez, Barbara Rouf Flaunts Her Toned Midriff in the Adidas Neo Fall Ad

Barbara Rouf and Selena Gomez proudly flaunt their toned midriffs in the Adidas Neo Fall campaign. This article covers a wide array of topics, ranging from death, burial practices, cemeteries, and obituaries. The iconic drag racing film, American Nitro, is hailed as one of the best ever made, notably featuring a significant representation of women.

The narrative takes an intriguing twist with a mix of images, including a 1968 poster featuring Don Knotts and Barbara Rhoades in “The Shakiest Pistol in the West.” A diverse collection of 109 stock pictures of Barbara Rhoades is showcased, inviting readers to explore more relevant images. Moreover, individuals like Elenor Barbara Roufs, born in Minnesota in 1899, and Barbara Janette Roof, born in Missouri in 1939 to Stanley Eugene Rouf, contribute to the rich tapestry of narratives.

Connections are explored, including mentions of Barbara Roufs Massey on Facebook. Barbara, known for her involvement in 1970s model drag racing and her association with the race engine company Performance Technology in Wakarusa, Indiana, is highlighted. Sadly, tragedy struck on April 30, 2010, when her 20-year spouse, entertainment lawyer Peter Lopez, committed suicide.

Amidst various life events, Barbara’s journey touches upon her modeling career, which took off after being noticed on the streets of Budapest in 2006, despite her initial interests in football and music. The article delves into profiles of individuals named Barbara Rouf, providing insights into various aspects of their lives.

Wrapping up with a mention of Tom West’s collection featuring #Barbara Roufs #Retro Drag Racing #Cars, the narrative maintains a diverse and comprehensive exploration of different facets connected to the name Barbara Rouf.

Physical Appearance

Barbara Roufs undeniably stood out as one of the most captivating women of her era, with a beauty that could charm anyone effortlessly. However, the lack of information about her physical attributes makes it challenging to provide precise details about her height or weight. The limited data available poses obstacles in giving an accurate assessment in this regard.

Examine the Profiles of People Who Go By Barbara Roufs

Examine the Profiles of People Who Go By Barbara Rouf

Barbara Roufs’s life tragically came to an end in January 1991, at the age of 47, in what appears to have been a heartbreaking case of suicide. During the early 1970s, Tom West frequently photographed her, a time when she held the title of perhaps the most popular racing queen in Southern California.

In the world of cinema, the 1968 poster featuring Don Knotts and Barbara Rhoades in “The Shakiest Pistol in the West” stands out. “American Nitro,” considered the finest drag racing film ever made, prominently features numerous women.

There’s speculation that Barbara may have been featured in Playboy in 1972 or 1973. Connecting with individuals like Barbara Roufs Massey on Facebook reveals profiles of those who may already be familiar to you.

Personally, for Barbara Ann Rouf, who was born in 1942–1943 to Leonard Leroy and Anna Lulu Rouf, April 30, 2010, was a significant day. After her husband of 20 years, entertainment lawyer Peter Lopez, tragically committed himself, her life took a sharp change.

In contrast, Catherine Bach seemed to lead an ideal life. Elenor Barbara Roufs, born in 1899, adds to the historical tapestry. Barbara Ann Rouf, born between 1942 and 1944, shares her family background with Leonard Leroy Rouf and Anna Lulu Rouf.

In online records, 4 out of 5 instances highlight Barbara, and Wikipedia entries are embedded in the URLs. She would engage with Wikipedia, stopping at the juncture… Additionally, she is the daughter of Frederica Gunnhildr and Seamus Pegg, and Jean’s younger sister. Barbara Rhoades, born on March 23, 1946, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Respecting the Racing Heritage: Considering Barbara Roufs

Even though Barbara Roufs departed from this world too soon, her legacy in the drag racing community and pop culture continues to resonate. The nostalgia for the 1970s and a revived interest in drag racing’s history have reignited appreciation for individuals like Barbara, who played pivotal roles in shaping the sport’s identity. In this section, we’ll explore Barbara’s enduring influence, examining how her image and persona continue to inspire documentaries, articles, and social media tributes. This ensures that her significant contribution to drag racing culture is vividly remembered and celebrated.

Barbara Roufs’ Eternal Charm: A Modern Reinterpretation

In recent years, there’s been a resurgence of interest in Barbara Roufs and the era she represents, driven by the impact of social media, documentary projects, and a growing passion for vintage motorsports. This part of the article seeks to explore the reasons behind this renewed fascination, diving into why modern audiences are drawn to the authenticity, flair, and trailblazing spirit embodied by Barbara. Furthermore, it will examine how present-day interpretations of her legacy reflect changing views on gender, fame, and the admiration of historical figures within the realm of digital culture.

Final Words

Drag racing’s shining star, Barbara Roufs, left a lasting impact that goes beyond the racetrack. Generations after generation are inspired by her colorful attitude and unstoppable enthusiasm. Barbara’s legacy lives on through old photos and loving tributes from her granddaughter and daughter. Beyond her skill on the track, she represents tenacity, ardor, and chasing one’s aspirations. Her impact endures despite her short life, encouraging us to take on our own obstacles with courage and determination. Despite her passing, Barbara Roufs’s spirit encourages us to pursue our hobbies and have a good influence on the world.

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